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Craft CMS Requirement Checker

Craft CMS Requirement Checker


This script checks if your server configuration meets the requirements for running a Craft CMS installation. It checks if the server is running the right version of PHP, if appropriate PHP extensions have been loaded, and if php.ini file settings are correct. If database credentials are supplied in db.php, the script will also performs some database checks as well.

There are two kinds of requirements being checked. Mandatory requirements are those that have to be met to allow Craft to work as expected. There are also some optional requirements being checked which will show you a warning when they do not meet. You can use Craft without them but some specific functionality may be not available in this case.


Congratulations! Your server configuration can run Craft!


PHP 7.0+ Passed PHP 7.0 or higher is required.
Reflection extension Passed The Reflection extension is required.
PCRE extension (with UTF-8 support) Passed The PCRE extension is required and it must be compiled to support UTF-8.
SPL extension Passed The SPL extension is required.
PDO extension Passed The PDO extension is required.
Multibyte String extension (with Function Overloading disabled) Passed Craft CMS requires the Multibyte String extension with Function Overloading disabled in order to run.
GD extension or ImageMagick extension Passed The GD or ImageMagick extension is required, however ImageMagick is recommended as it adds animated GIF support, and preserves 8-bit and 24-bit PNGs during image transforms.
OpenSSL extension Passed The OpenSSL extension is required.
cURL extension Passed The cURL extension is required.
ctype extension Passed The ctype extension is required.
ini_set calls Passed Calls to ini_set are working correctly.
Intl extension Passed The Intl extension (version 1.0.2+) is recommended.
Fileinfo extension Passed The Fileinfo extension required.
DOM extension Passed The DOM extension is required.
iconv extension Passed iconv is required for more robust character set conversion support.
Memory Limit Passed Craft requires a minimum PHP memory limit of 256M. The memory_limit directive in php.ini is currently set to 256M.
Max Execution Time Passed Craft requires a minimum PHP max execution time of 120 seconds. The max_execution_time directive in php.ini is currently set to 300.
password_hash() Passed The password_hash() function is required so Craft can create secure passwords.
Zip extension Passed The zip extension is required for zip and unzip operations.
JSON extension Passed The JSON extension is required for JSON encoding and decoding.
proc_open() Passed The proc_open() function is required for Plugin Store operations as well as sending emails.
proc_get_status() Passed The proc_get_status() function is required for Plugin Store operations as well as sending emails.
proc_close() Passed The proc_close() function is required for Plugin Store operations as well as sending emails.
proc_terminate() Passed The proc_terminate() function is required for Plugin Store operations as well as sending emails.
allow_url_fopen Passed allow_url_fopen must be enabled in your PHP configuration for Plugin Store and updating operations.